Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do You Want Longer Hair ..? Check This Out

Lets talk hair..
Ive had quite the history with mine,
not to have ego, cuz trust me i have many.. MANY things im unhappy with, but one of the things i loved most about myself was my hair, its always been very thick and long and i got quite allot of compliments on it.
That all changed about 3 years ago, when i got a stomach infection.. twice
Your hair really reflects how healthy you are.. the same as your skin,
when you get sick, especially if its sumthing heavy ( not talking about having the flu here..)
you usually get paler skin it loses its "healthy" glow, you look more tired etc.
It just shows, same goes for your hair.
My hair didnt fall out like you would maybe get along with cancer/chemo or anything that heavy,
but my hair did break off from the bottom up..

Ive had the most healthy thick hair down to about my waist when i was my healthy self,
when i was at my sickest it broke off to just a little over my shoulder,
I was scared my hair wouldnt recover from it, but 3 years later i can happily say it did.

One of the things that kinda stuck with me though is that my hair stopped growing at a certain point.. something i never used to have trouble with.
For some reason it just didnt wanna go lower than/over my breasts,
it would just stop there.. very weird.
One day i went to the store to get my straightener-protection spray from "Lee Stafford"
and next to it i saw a lil sumthin and it said:

"For hair that never grows past a certain lenght"

uhm.. HELLO.. that is EXACTLY what my problem was, so ofcourse i picked it up and started reading it.

i shall share what it said with you lovly people:

Protein based complex to fertilize your follicles, creating a healthy enviroment on the scalp to help hair grow and reach it's maximum potential length

"if the earth's not nourished you'll never grow beautiful flowers"

then on the back it says:

- Vital hair and scalp complex helps to reduce hair loss

- Improves follicle health which in turn increases the ability of the hair to anchor to the scalp

- Soothing formulation reduces irritationand moisturises the scalp

- Addresses hair and scalp ageing at a cellular level

- Improvement in tensile strenght to give body and texture by penetrating the hair reaching the inner cortex

- Improves volume and feel of the hair


Ofcourse im not gonna sit here and type that this product gave me back my healthy hair
because that was a process of me getting healthy again,
but this product definetly works.. ofcourse it isnt some magical cream that if you put it on you wake up with hair to your ankles.. because it doesnt exactly make your hair grow
what it does is set ur hair and scalp up for success..the best grow your hair can do,
so that the growth process goes faster than usual,
plus you will definitely experience less hairloss so the hair you already have will stay thicker

i really started to see a differance after 4 weeks.. and in those 4 weeks i used it only a good 3 or 4 times.. because i only used it once a week

you just shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo.. rinse that out,
then you scoop out the equivalant of an egg.. work it into your hair.. mostly onto your roots/scalp and leave it a good 5 minutes.. then rinse it out..
use your fav conditioner afterwards and your done

I really recommend this product, i got 2 for 10 euros at that time.. AMAZING DEAL!
In my drugstore it usually costs 8,49 Euros.. which still isnt much for a product this good
So if you have that same problem as me and want your hair to grow faster.. id say go buy some.


Check out my other Lee Stafford product review for beautiful big beach hair here


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Definitely will be trying this. Thank you :)

Love Britt xxx

Mierrann said...

ur welcome babe :) xxx

Steph said...

ha, isnt it weird how we both have different opinions on it? maybe it has made my hair longer but i havnt noticed it because it doesnt seem a considerable amount! i dont know, it just feels the same lengh to me, though it does feel healthier and shinier to me. I used it pretty much every time i washed my hair though. Hmmm. Maybe ill give it another go. Lol. x

Makeup and Macaroons said...

OOh great review! My hair also doesn't grow after a certain length (mid shoulder :( unfortunatel), so I'd love to give this one a ggo if I see it at the salon.

PS: thanks for following my blog, i'm also following yours and loving it!

Victoria said...

Love this product, it smells so nice and put my hair in really good condition! Bad thing is that it runs out so quick! Must stock up next time :) xx

Sophie said...

It sounds good. I might try this just for the healthiness. My hair grows quick and is in pretty good condition anyway, but nothing wrong with getting it in even better condition :D

Plus..I like the sleekness of the packaging lol *creeps*

Anna said...

Wow that sounds good!
Thanks for sharing dear.

Adrienne said...

Hey:) just to say you won 3rd prize in my giveaway :) if you could message me your address etc to i'll pop the prize in the post :) x
p.s I so need this in my life my hair just wont grow :( haha x

Mierrann said...

@ soph.. u such a sucker for packaging lmao XD

@anna.. ur welcome babe xxx

@Adrienne.. woot ! i responded :D
and yes u should def give it a try xxx

@Victoria.. im on my third one now so i understand ya XD

@MAM.. great to have you asmy new follower :D hope this stuff works as good on you as it did on me

@steph.. i know right XD healthy hair FTW though lol

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