Thursday, October 13, 2011

YaaY For New Clothes ^_^

Yesterday i decided to hit up H&M because last saturday i saw a pair of jeans that i really liked,
but kinda didn't want to spend any money..
But by wednesday those jeans were still in my head
So with the mindset that i need some good new basics for Fall/Winter i thought id go back and buy them anyways.
I get there, tried them on, they look like shit :/ lol
Soooo then i went into the Vero Moda, usually a store i never end up buying things from but for some reason wanted to randomly check out.

This dress caught my eye, as you can see leopard print from top to bottom,
and has a pretty high "Audrey Hepburn" style neckline, and pretty long sleeves,
so really the only thing ur showing off are your legs.
Wich i think is the way to go, dont always wanna overdo with cleavage+legs especially not with a print that could make you look even "cheaper".
So for me the classic cut with the print works perfectly :)

**excuse the "drowned cat"-hairdo, just came home after the rain manhandled me**

On my way to the dressingroom i saw this cute oversized sweater hanging right next to it.
Its big and comfy and of a light material, and has a lil pocket on the chest.
As you can see the shirt itself is kind of basic but it was mainly the color that made me fall in love.
This is a perfect addition to my fall-collection so far..
and there you have it..
I still went out and bought a good basic piece of clothing.. sshhh.. its how i justify things :)

(The Gold/Feather Necklace is reviewed >>HERE<< ) :)

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