Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do You Want Longer Hair ..? Check This Out

Lets talk hair..
Ive had quite the history with mine,
not to have ego, cuz trust me i have many.. MANY things im unhappy with, but one of the things i loved most about myself was my hair, its always been very thick and long and i got quite allot of compliments on it.
That all changed about 3 years ago, when i got a stomach infection.. twice
Your hair really reflects how healthy you are.. the same as your skin,
when you get sick, especially if its sumthing heavy ( not talking about having the flu here..)
you usually get paler skin it loses its "healthy" glow, you look more tired etc.
It just shows, same goes for your hair.
My hair didnt fall out like you would maybe get along with cancer/chemo or anything that heavy,
but my hair did break off from the bottom up..

Ive had the most healthy thick hair down to about my waist when i was my healthy self,
when i was at my sickest it broke off to just a little over my shoulder,
I was scared my hair wouldnt recover from it, but 3 years later i can happily say it did.

One of the things that kinda stuck with me though is that my hair stopped growing at a certain point.. something i never used to have trouble with.
For some reason it just didnt wanna go lower than/over my breasts,
it would just stop there.. very weird.
One day i went to the store to get my straightener-protection spray from "Lee Stafford"
and next to it i saw a lil sumthin and it said:

"For hair that never grows past a certain lenght"

uhm.. HELLO.. that is EXACTLY what my problem was, so ofcourse i picked it up and started reading it.

i shall share what it said with you lovly people:

Protein based complex to fertilize your follicles, creating a healthy enviroment on the scalp to help hair grow and reach it's maximum potential length

"if the earth's not nourished you'll never grow beautiful flowers"

then on the back it says:

- Vital hair and scalp complex helps to reduce hair loss

- Improves follicle health which in turn increases the ability of the hair to anchor to the scalp

- Soothing formulation reduces irritationand moisturises the scalp

- Addresses hair and scalp ageing at a cellular level

- Improvement in tensile strenght to give body and texture by penetrating the hair reaching the inner cortex

- Improves volume and feel of the hair


Ofcourse im not gonna sit here and type that this product gave me back my healthy hair
because that was a process of me getting healthy again,
but this product definetly works.. ofcourse it isnt some magical cream that if you put it on you wake up with hair to your ankles.. because it doesnt exactly make your hair grow
what it does is set ur hair and scalp up for success..the best grow your hair can do,
so that the growth process goes faster than usual,
plus you will definitely experience less hairloss so the hair you already have will stay thicker

i really started to see a differance after 4 weeks.. and in those 4 weeks i used it only a good 3 or 4 times.. because i only used it once a week

you just shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo.. rinse that out,
then you scoop out the equivalant of an egg.. work it into your hair.. mostly onto your roots/scalp and leave it a good 5 minutes.. then rinse it out..
use your fav conditioner afterwards and your done

I really recommend this product, i got 2 for 10 euros at that time.. AMAZING DEAL!
In my drugstore it usually costs 8,49 Euros.. which still isnt much for a product this good
So if you have that same problem as me and want your hair to grow faster.. id say go buy some.


Check out my other Lee Stafford product review for beautiful big beach hair here

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Look what my amazing boyfriend got me.. im in love with it.. and with him ofcourse..
actually alil bit more after he gave me this lol.. he is such a good gift-giver, he knows exactly what i like.. ill stop gushing though before i have to hand out some buckets to people..
ive been on the hunt for a big cocktail ring like this for a while now, so im happy to finally have it in my collection
i have to say it makes my hand tired if i wear it a full day though..
but heay.. its a huge-ass freakin flower what else should i expect right..?! id gladly have a tired hand if its gonna look like this.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rockin The Bow

Now first of all let me excuse myself for the picture quality as i took it quickly with my phone..
Yes i tried to put a little purple lighting in there to make it a little bit better and blend in with my blog colers cuz the origional colers were even more hideous,
but even that failed so i just gave up..ugh
and yes i was comfy rockin my bigass white Tshirt early in the morning....... im not even gonna excuse myself for that one lol
On to the hair though..

I wore this hairdo to my moms Bday.. i told her i was her present wrapped with a bow, while i gave her my cutest face..
dont worry though.. i actually bought her a present, i aint that cheap..
I think this hair style is super cute and very girly.. its sumthing differant than the normal ponytail/bun that you usually wear when you want your hair up,
and its super easy to do.. i literally did this in about 2 minutes..

I didnt use any extensions for this hairdo as i have pretty thick hair myself and i ofcourse didnt want to create a bow that was actually bigger than my own head..!

I've also rocked this do inna mini version
where u just place a tiny bow where ud normally place a little clip in your hair up in the front/side.
I might make a post about those aswell.
I promise if i do..
ill take a picture of it with my actual camera.. i swear!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Earrings Make Me Happy

There is a saying that goes: The bigger the better
that def goes for my earrings.. im that type of girl that cant leave the house without my huge silver hoop earrings.. and when i say huge.. i mean HUGE.
I can enjoy a simple small earring as it sometimes gives you more of a classic look,
but i always feel so naked when i wear those..

In my recent trip to Pittsburgh i spend a day in the mall browsing for some cute stuff
and then something catched my eye.... BAM

They are so extremly pretty.. i usually dont really like earrings that are made with thread
as i feel they can sumtimes look really cheap.. plus i like more shiny looking earrings so they can stand out more instead of the matt look
but i love the shape of these..

and in the hotpink thread there are a million little silver glitters wich really gives them that extra pop

they were only $8,99 and i got 50% off so in the end i spend a good $4,50 on them..
uhm..HELLO..good deal...? i think so *nods*

^^ Hardcore posing yo

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lush Yum Yum

Yes it has been a while since ive posted
and although i would have loved to and actually missed it
i was just to busy..
but things have quiet down abit.. and im back
back with a rather yummy post may i add.
Now i will do another seperate post on the things ive bought and recieved over the holidays
but i first wanted to start out with my new Lush products.
I got this from my girl soph.. go visit her site here

Sadly she lives in England and i live in The Netherlands,
but the one good thing about this is... sending eachother surprise packages for Bdays and Xmas.
So this Xmas i got these boxes mailed to me


*Have A Sweet Christmas* .. *Chillin With My Gnomeys*

The packaging was awesome.. but more awesomeness awaited me when i opened it


"Here's To Your Good Elf! Two Frosty Treats For Wintry Showers"

Whoosh Shower Jelly:

Grapefruit, rosemary and geranium essential oil shower jelly
perfect for jetlag and everything else that gets in your way.


Now this comes in handy as i do fly allot, and it looks really cool its a darkblue gel that feels amazing.


Snow Globe Soap:

Shake things up and wash with this zingy fresh soap.


its def fresh it got a strong lemon smell to it that wakes u right up
i actually feel that this would be lovly for the summer aswell cuz its "fruity".



"A Pair Of Candy-Scented Goodies For A Very Sweet Christmas Indeed"

Godmother Soap:

A sweetie-scented soap for hands that do more than just dishes.


This is the only one from the bunch that i haven't tried.. yet
not because it stinks or i dont like it,
but simply because it smells so good and its the smallest soap of the bunch
so im trying to not waste it too soon.
It has an amazing smell that kinda reminds me of raspberry mixed with strawberries,
so i cant wait to use it.


Candy Cane Bubble Bar:

Sweet as candy twice as bubbly


This piece of soap is AH-MAI-ZIING
it foams the second u wet it and gets in contact with ur skin
and these little scrub-balls come out.
I used this especially on my upperlegs and theyve never felt so smooth.. love love

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