Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Got Engaged :)

I got engaged!
..and although this happened a while ago i wasn't sure if i wanted to share all that on my blog,
as most people come here for fashion and make-up.
But i always love reading about peoples lives especially
if its about joyous moments like this :)

So here i go..

Last August i went to Spain with my boyfriend of over 2 and a half years.
After a long day of romanticly strolling around the streets of Barcelona,
we sat down by the "magic fountain of montjuic" wich is so amazing.
It is this huge fountain that lights up to music and it has the most breathtaking view.
After that he said he wanted to take a walk on the beach with me,
it was already dark with lots of stars out and
after some walking we sat down by the water
Thats when it happened..
While we kissed he pulled out the little box, opened it and asked me, i already started crying and said yes before i even saw the ring or anything lol
It was super romantic, I love him so much <3

Here are some pictures of my ring,
its one big diamond surrounded by 12 little diamonds
excuse the "hardly-there" nailpolish rofl -_-

Now ofcourse the quest has begun for all things "wedding"
I have a good idea of what i want my weddingdress to be like.. apperantly i need to be a millionaire *creeps*

Saw this dress though and i would love to wear this after the ceremonie for dinner :O
I'm personally not even the "pink"-girl but those beautiful details and the purple lace with glitters and flowers.. ugh im in love with a dress i can't afford, ill just hope for a big bag of money to appear underneath my pillow soon ^_^

Giambattista Valli, Haute Couture Spring/Summer Line 2012
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