Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That Spring Feeling

I actually felt a bit off sun the other day.. immediatly felt like spring
sadly today that got taken away by some angry clouds who feel the need to ruin my perfectly styled hair by dumping rain onme, and then i got hit in the face with some nice ice-wind.. wonderfull

that sunshine got me in an instant mood for the summer though
and with summer..theres summer fashion
im really loving these colerfull shorts,
ive noticed eventhough i love them i dont really have colerfull shorts like that in my closet at the moment,
i have my basic black one..and then theres one with darkblue detailing, but thats kinda it
im def gonna be on the lookout for these for the summer

Could not resist adding this sparkly one..
A-MAI-ZIING..!! so cute for a night out


Sophie said...

i love the sparkly ones :o never seen that's cute xD

Mierrann said...

i know right .. me neither i found it and i fell in love XD

Cindy Yang Lee said...

love LOVE those shorts!

Vintage Makeup said...

I've given you the versatile blogger award! :)

Marcy said...

Those shorts are awesome! I used to have a sparkley skirt when I was in jr high lol!!


miss D said...

i love the picks! Can't wait for spring to come around :)

Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! ;)

Nikkay said...

OMG I have just fallen in love with those pink shorts! & those purple ones!
I love the look of coloured shorts, great post x

Mierrann said...

glad u lovly ladies like them :)

Britney said...

these are the cutest shorts ever, im loving ur blog, iim now following, please follow back

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