Friday, January 14, 2011

Rockin The Bow

Now first of all let me excuse myself for the picture quality as i took it quickly with my phone..
Yes i tried to put a little purple lighting in there to make it a little bit better and blend in with my blog colers cuz the origional colers were even more hideous,
but even that failed so i just gave up..ugh
and yes i was comfy rockin my bigass white Tshirt early in the morning....... im not even gonna excuse myself for that one lol
On to the hair though..

I wore this hairdo to my moms Bday.. i told her i was her present wrapped with a bow, while i gave her my cutest face..
dont worry though.. i actually bought her a present, i aint that cheap..
I think this hair style is super cute and very girly.. its sumthing differant than the normal ponytail/bun that you usually wear when you want your hair up,
and its super easy to do.. i literally did this in about 2 minutes..

I didnt use any extensions for this hairdo as i have pretty thick hair myself and i ofcourse didnt want to create a bow that was actually bigger than my own head..!

I've also rocked this do inna mini version
where u just place a tiny bow where ud normally place a little clip in your hair up in the front/side.
I might make a post about those aswell.
I promise if i do..
ill take a picture of it with my actual camera.. i swear!


Sophie said...

this is actually amazing i love this :o
i lol'd at you telling your mum you was her pressie would be enough for me *shifty*
& yes you should totally do a post on the tiny bows!!

Amy Mcmillan said...

That looks great!
Wish I could do hair styles like this but my hair is way too thin.
Now following, hope you can do the same?

Lulu said...

ahhhh this looks A-MAZING!! you should do a post about how to do it :) i wouldn't have a clue where to start! xx

Anonymous said...

This hairdo is absolutely amazing! You should definitely do a how-to post!


QuiteQuaint said...

it looks lovely! i wish i had the patience to do something liek that with my hair, it would look great on a night out x

Mierrann said...

@ soph.. well since ur telling me to ill do it *shifty*

@ amy.. awww :( you can make a smaller one to fit ur hair :)

@ lulu.. thnx babe :) i might actually do that

@ vikki.. glad u like it babe

@ quitequaint.. it only took me a good 2 minutes.. u should def try it :)

Toni Tralala said...

Thank you so much for following me. I must say, this hair is amazing! I believe I saw this on Lady Gaga. How creative of you! I would never even know where to start.

P.S. Thanks for following me. I'm following you back as your 25th follower! <3

Those earrings on the post below are delish! :)

Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE! Bows are so fun these days.
You should do a video tutorial on this btw :D

Anonymous said...

This totally reminds me of Lady GaGa! It is very cute :)

C'EST DEMODE said...

OMG LOVE THE HAIRRRR!! your blog is great, I'm now following!!

xxo Tess S.

Mierrann said...

@ toni.. thnx babe i love ur blog !!!

@ emma.. im alil too shy to make videos lol but im glad u like it :D

@amaris.. thank youuuz

@c'est.. thnx babe im def following back

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hi! (= I'm a new follower.
I love the bow! I wish I knew how to do that lol It's freakin cutee.

Mierrann said...

why thank you babe :) i might just do a "how to do that"-thing since ur not alone in saying that lol.. thnx for following me btw :)

Elizabeth said...

soooo cute!! I want to try this out in my hair x

Mierrann said...

thank you babe.. and yes you should def try it :)

Idiosyncrasy +DTRW... said...

wow that looks so cool lady gaga eat your heart out ...Fantastic blog

..Check out my blog, lets follow each other....

Czarina said...

Lmfaoo yayyy lets be bow friends.<3(:

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