Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lets Talk Lipstick: Coral N Pink

Some time ago L'oreal came out with 3 new colors of their "intense color riche" line.
They do this thing where they come out with colors for each hair-color type..
Its a nice concept and all.. but uhm ill decide myself what color ill wear and what will look good on me lol.
They came out with a coral, a pink and a red one.. i didnt get the red one as i didnt find it really special and because they were quite pricey (17,95 euros).
So i just ended up buying these 2.

the first color is: Magnetic Coral "373" and is for "blondes"
the second coler is : Intense Fuchsia "288" and is for "brunettes"

This picture i considered a fail at first because the flash was really bad, but i decided to use it anyways cuz you can really see the gold tone in the coral one, in the other pictures i feel it looks bright orange but trust me that is not the case.

i really love these lipsticks.
The fuchsia is such a nice deep pink very rich colered and since the last pink one i bought was >THIS ONE< i was on the lookout for a slightly darker pink one.. succes!
The coral one was actually something i had been looking for, for quite awhile but i kept running in to bright orange ones that do not deserve the name coral! so i was happy i got my hands on this one.
They last a really long time aswell, i can put it on in the morning and late afternoon its still there without drying my lips out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fav Of The Week

My fav of the week are these booties
some info:

Grey and black spotted calf hair lace-up ankle boot from Azzedine Alaïa.
Ankle boot has a 50mm / 2 inch platform,
a heel measuring 14cm / 5.5 inches.

i love how the print make the boots look sexy, but then the thick rubber tractor sole gives it an edge.. yupyup would love to own these, especially for this fall/winter.
they're $1902 though.. yah.. im sure there are cheaper versions out there that look exactly the same lol

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Purchases

YAAY my first fall/winter item i bought for this year
well ok thats not totally true.. i bought some new Uggs last week
BUT they still havent arrived :( when i look at my track&trace i can see they have been in costums in Holland since september 7th -_- uuuhm keeping my boots hostage like that is RUDE!
I really needed some new ones, i previously owned the short classic sand ones
and those are the ones i re-bought, i was considering another coler this time, but i just really like the "sand" ones the best :)
but ok moving on from my Uggs.. i bought this hat.. i really didnt wanna spend any money
as i walked in to the lil jewelry.. but we all know how that goes, u wanna spend and u cant find anything worthy to spend it on, and whenever u plan to not buy at all, u come across the cutest things
its very girly with the big snowflake/icestar on it, but it was so pretty, and eventhough i have enough of these lil hats i ofcourse needed this one
it was only 4,99 though so it didnt make me feel too guilty lol
what have u ladies been buying for the colder months ahead?
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