Sunday, August 29, 2010


Look who got new hair..thats right..ME
It was 5 o'clock in the morning and i couldnt sleep
was playing around with my hair and then i thought...
why not cut some bangs ?!
i havent had bangs since i was like 6
and even then it wasnt a full-on one
so it was kind of a crazy idea, and ive never done it
But i thought id be spontanious and just go for it
and this is the end result..
sorry for the crappy quality of the picture,
i just took it quick with my webcam..
pulled my hair back abit so it shows the bangs
hope u guys like it



Autumn ..? Say Wa..?

Ok so i was in the city yesterday.. i walked in to this store
and they had all the fall-stuff out,
wich to me is very weird
since i still have the feeling that summer has yet to begin
i think its because i didnt go onna vacation this year
wich usually makes my summer.. so im totally in denial the summer is ending
so i was quite suprised to see all the squirrel,
chestnut and red-leaved merchandise out
But then i saw these cute lil owl candle-holders and i immediately embraced autumn
i bought 2 since..well.. i just thought it was sad to buy one
and then it wouldnt have a friend to be honest.. im weird like that,
when i put the candle in there i saw how creepy they actually looked with their glowing eyes lol
but that would only make them perfect for halloween aswell..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Well Hello There..

i NEED these.. yes NEED,
these blessed my eyes last night and ive been drooling over them ever since
sadly they are sold out at the moment.. they better be back in stock soon
cuz i would love to add these fab booties to my shoe collection

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fav Of The Week

im gonna start my favorites of the week
So every 7 days or so i will bombard you with things i love having,
love to have in the future, or just love from a distance cuz its either too expensive or impossible to get my hands on..
and imma start it of with one of my favorite chains <3
the champagne colered stones mixed with the colers.. and the blinging gold
would make u think it was born in tacky-land..but no such thing
its adorable.. and it really does brighten up any outfit.. love love

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