Friday, September 10, 2010

*Sniff Sniff*

Oh how wonderfull my bathroom will smell..
i usually dont really buy scents for my house
but ever since i got this vanilla pout pourri bag
for my birthday 2 years ago.. i loved it
my pout pourri bag was kind of stashed away in a box at first
because i was moving..then when i started unpacking
the scent was calling me.. so i started digging in
to the box until i found it
i put it inmy bathroom..and oh my.. that was a good decision
and still after 2 years it smells so strong..
somehow its a little more exciting for me to take my showers now,
because for some reason after i step out of the shower,
into this bubble of vanilla i feel cleaner... weird i know..but true
i never bought oil scents with the bamboo sticks though
this is new to me
ive seen them around in stores.. i even saw National Geographic
has an oil-scent line out smelling like worldy places lol
it looked so cool and i always wanted to buy some of them
but for some reason i never come around to do so
then today i was in the store and
i saw this bottle of awesomeness
Tropical Fruit- oil scent for only 3 Euros.. yes that cheap
they had 5 other smells :

-Ocean Breeze

i was gonna play it safe and buy the Vanilla one
but this Tropical Fruit one smelled allot fresher
so i thought id be a rebel, live a little and try something new
i just put the bamboo sticks in and it takes about
24 hours for the bamboo to fully soak all the oil in
and actually release the scent... cant wait for tomorrow !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fav Of The Week

Pink liiiiiiips
Now i usually dont put bright colers on my lips
as i am a huge nude-lip fan
Mac's lip-eraser is my best friend.. seriously
but lately ive been wearing this bad boy

Gosh - tropical Pink #43

Now i know Gosh isnt available in the US
but for any of you in Europe make sure to buy, its so beautiful
it got a nice kind of shine over it.. almost metallic
And it stays on really long wich is always a plus cuz
it saves allot of time when you do your
touch-ups throughout the day
really the pictures dont do it justice..
it is definetly my fav of this week !!

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