Monday, January 10, 2011

Lush Yum Yum

Yes it has been a while since ive posted
and although i would have loved to and actually missed it
i was just to busy..
but things have quiet down abit.. and im back
back with a rather yummy post may i add.
Now i will do another seperate post on the things ive bought and recieved over the holidays
but i first wanted to start out with my new Lush products.
I got this from my girl soph.. go visit her site here

Sadly she lives in England and i live in The Netherlands,
but the one good thing about this is... sending eachother surprise packages for Bdays and Xmas.
So this Xmas i got these boxes mailed to me


*Have A Sweet Christmas* .. *Chillin With My Gnomeys*

The packaging was awesome.. but more awesomeness awaited me when i opened it


"Here's To Your Good Elf! Two Frosty Treats For Wintry Showers"

Whoosh Shower Jelly:

Grapefruit, rosemary and geranium essential oil shower jelly
perfect for jetlag and everything else that gets in your way.


Now this comes in handy as i do fly allot, and it looks really cool its a darkblue gel that feels amazing.


Snow Globe Soap:

Shake things up and wash with this zingy fresh soap.


its def fresh it got a strong lemon smell to it that wakes u right up
i actually feel that this would be lovly for the summer aswell cuz its "fruity".



"A Pair Of Candy-Scented Goodies For A Very Sweet Christmas Indeed"

Godmother Soap:

A sweetie-scented soap for hands that do more than just dishes.


This is the only one from the bunch that i haven't tried.. yet
not because it stinks or i dont like it,
but simply because it smells so good and its the smallest soap of the bunch
so im trying to not waste it too soon.
It has an amazing smell that kinda reminds me of raspberry mixed with strawberries,
so i cant wait to use it.


Candy Cane Bubble Bar:

Sweet as candy twice as bubbly


This piece of soap is AH-MAI-ZIING
it foams the second u wet it and gets in contact with ur skin
and these little scrub-balls come out.
I used this especially on my upperlegs and theyve never felt so smooth.. love love



Sophie said...

yey you liked them :D i'm glad xD

Mierrann said...

sure do B-)

Aint That Pretty... said...

i love lush, fab blog btw :) xoxo

Mierrann said...

thnx babe :)

Niita said...

oww,I <3 Lush products and they make such cute gifts as well!^^

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