Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Earrings Make Me Happy

There is a saying that goes: The bigger the better
that def goes for my earrings.. im that type of girl that cant leave the house without my huge silver hoop earrings.. and when i say huge.. i mean HUGE.
I can enjoy a simple small earring as it sometimes gives you more of a classic look,
but i always feel so naked when i wear those..

In my recent trip to Pittsburgh i spend a day in the mall browsing for some cute stuff
and then something catched my eye.... BAM

They are so extremly pretty.. i usually dont really like earrings that are made with thread
as i feel they can sumtimes look really cheap.. plus i like more shiny looking earrings so they can stand out more instead of the matt look
but i love the shape of these..

and in the hotpink thread there are a million little silver glitters wich really gives them that extra pop

they were only $8,99 and i got 50% off so in the end i spend a good $4,50 on them..
uhm..HELLO..good deal...? i think so *nods*

^^ Hardcore posing yo


Sophie said...

these are gorgeous :o <3
the shape and the colour is pretty
very good find miss B-)

Fre$h as $he Wannabee said...

@Mierann OMG your comment is GUTS!! Im laughin so hard right now!!! your so cute! but I appreciate the flower talk on here! but I DONT apprecite the flower talk in a small store with like 160 customers, and some guy talking about a flower!! lol..
p.s GIRL you aint lying when BIGGER IS BETTER (wink) lol I said that exact same line in my 3rd video on youtube when I bought these bad ass bleeding chanel earrings! I also love the bronze look you have going look like a hotter version of Cameron Diaz..get em girl!

Aint That Pretty... said...

love them! I think statement earrings make an outfit extra special with little effort! xoxo

Yuliya xoxo. said...

Great pics !

Steph said...

They look so cute. Love the colour. and the price! :) xx

Mierrann said...

@soph: why thank you B-) it was so hard..all that shopping and all *whistles*

@ fre$h: why thnx babe, yeah i saw ur vid, they were awesome!!!

@pretty: couldnt agree with you more its def my favorite piece of jewelry :)

@yuliya: why thank you babe

@steph: i know right.. great deal.. i wouldve bought them when they were 8,99 aswell.. yay for sales!!!

Toni Tralala said...

I have web earrings like this! I got mine for $1 back home in Asia!

I love big earrings too! Those big hoops are a must for me. :)

Mierrann said...

damn $1 thats def a good deal XD

Niita said...

They look quite cute on you siz.!
Loving the color!^^

LC said...

Hi Sugar!! Thank you so much for your amazing comments! You're so adorable I cant take it!! Love the ring! Love your blog!!

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