Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OMG it arrived !!

A few weeks back i entered a blog give-away
it was my first time entering one
ive seen them around but i kinda thought it was so shameless to just basicly ask for free stuff lol
but when i saw it were Lush-products i just had to enter..
My first time entering worked out well as i won third price... *shocked face*
I send my address and then the waiting began
You can imagine it made my day when i saw i had a package in my mail

When i opened it up i saw two lil packages wrapped in leopard print..
i was already way too excited about the wrapping..
i think it goes back to when i was a lil kid..
i got this huge present on my Bday
and i played hours with the box it came in -_-
..or it was just cuz these leopard print bags are amazing
..juz sayin
As i tried to get them out all these differant sized gold/silver stars attacked my table :o
I was like ..damn this girl knows how to make opening up a package fun !!!
Then.. 2 chocolates fell out with them.. YAH.. i just said that..
a girl that gives me chocolates is a girl after my own heart...

When i finally got the two packages out this is what was in them:

My own little robot.. AKA "Ickle Baby Bot"
I have to say i love the smell of this
This little robot is filled with lavender and sandalwood oils
i haven't used it yet but just smelling it, its so soothing.

"Ex Factor Bath Bomb"
As you can see this lil fella was murdered along the way..
Its sad he didn't make it *pours out liquor for him*..
But then again it made my job easier as it already broke into five little pieces i could use for five differant baths lol
it has kind of a musky vanilla scent to it
so many happy bath-times ahead ^_^

You can go to Adrienne's blog by clicking here

she has a new blog-giveaway going on right now incase you peeps wanna join.. this time she is giving away MAC make-up

Thank you Adrienne !!!


Adrienne said...

yayyy :) so glad it got to you and that you like them :) kinda annoyed that the silly mailing services broke the ex factor dude :( haha xxx

Mierrann said...

didnt just like them.. i loved them.. :D and yeah that was quite sad lol :( but its useable so i cant complain xxx

Sophie said...

Sooo I totally just entered her giveaway lulz

And they're cute soaps :D
Kinda interested in the robot one too..it sounds soothing

Mierrann said...

lol i dont blame ya.. free makeup..mac makeup :o

and yes yes it is ill letya know how it turned out when i actually used it :)

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