Friday, February 25, 2011

Fav Of The Week

These shoes.... ME..NEEDZ..NAO!!
i just love this shade of purple *gushes*

i wouldnt mind having these in my closet aswell i have to say..
just noticed they look kind of Xmassy together with the red and green lol


Sophie said...

Ooh I really like the pearly coloured ones :o ..and the purple ones are really cute..imagine me tryna walk in them though *giggles*

Jasmin said...

Purple definitely is the most beautiful color :)
..but the heels are..mmmh,they should be rounded at the bottom, not
squared :7

Anonymous said...

I would loooove to own the green and the red ones!!! Love the long heels. Fierce!


Mierrann said...

@soph.. i still need to give u that "walk in heels" lesson smh im slackin lol

@jasmin..yeah i wouldve liked them better rounded aswell.but the coler makes up forrit

@josephine glad u like them babe :)

Niita said...

oh em gee...the lavender ones!:-O yezzz please!! <3

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