Sunday, August 29, 2010


Look who got new hair..thats right..ME
It was 5 o'clock in the morning and i couldnt sleep
was playing around with my hair and then i thought...
why not cut some bangs ?!
i havent had bangs since i was like 6
and even then it wasnt a full-on one
so it was kind of a crazy idea, and ive never done it
But i thought id be spontanious and just go for it
and this is the end result..
sorry for the crappy quality of the picture,
i just took it quick with my webcam..
pulled my hair back abit so it shows the bangs
hope u guys like it




itstomchambersmayne! said...

sexy mother fucker. i'd tap that =)

fairskinnedbeauty said...

I love the bangs!! :) You look so pretty!

Sophie said...

you already know i think it's sexy :D

Mierrann said...

awww why thank all of you :D

Niita said...

bangs are <3! they look cute on you!

Mierrann said...

thnx thnx XD

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