Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fav Of The Week

Pink liiiiiiips
Now i usually dont put bright colers on my lips
as i am a huge nude-lip fan
Mac's lip-eraser is my best friend.. seriously
but lately ive been wearing this bad boy

Gosh - tropical Pink #43

Now i know Gosh isnt available in the US
but for any of you in Europe make sure to buy, its so beautiful
it got a nice kind of shine over it.. almost metallic
And it stays on really long wich is always a plus cuz
it saves allot of time when you do your
touch-ups throughout the day
really the pictures dont do it justice..
it is definetly my fav of this week !!


Sophie said...

you should wear this more often it looks good on you B-)

Life Style Loves said...

what a beautiful pink...bummer it's not available in the US! Which other MAC pinks do you think would be similar?

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Niita said...

Oh,I know that color from gosh,it's lovely!^^ Did you checked out the 'maleficent pink' from the disney villains X MAC collection!?XD

Aint That Pretty... said...

I had this colour but as I was winding the lipstick down my hand slipped and I crushed it!! how does that even happen! lol xoxo

Mierrann said...

lol !!! damn ur hand for crushing such a nice lipstick XD

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