Sunday, August 29, 2010

Autumn ..? Say Wa..?

Ok so i was in the city yesterday.. i walked in to this store
and they had all the fall-stuff out,
wich to me is very weird
since i still have the feeling that summer has yet to begin
i think its because i didnt go onna vacation this year
wich usually makes my summer.. so im totally in denial the summer is ending
so i was quite suprised to see all the squirrel,
chestnut and red-leaved merchandise out
But then i saw these cute lil owl candle-holders and i immediately embraced autumn
i bought 2 since..well.. i just thought it was sad to buy one
and then it wouldnt have a friend to be honest.. im weird like that,
when i put the candle in there i saw how creepy they actually looked with their glowing eyes lol
but that would only make them perfect for halloween aswell..


Sophie said...

love these
they would be great for halloween
but they're also cute for all year round too
nice find miss

Mierrann said...

glad u like them XD *pats*

Niita said...

ohhh,owlieieiezz!XD love them! some H&M's I was told now sell owl rings,.. must have!

Mierrann said...

:O didnt see them last time i was there..hhmm ill have to watch that..these are from the xenos XD

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