Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fav Of The Week

im gonna start my favorites of the week
So every 7 days or so i will bombard you with things i love having,
love to have in the future, or just love from a distance cuz its either too expensive or impossible to get my hands on..
and imma start it of with one of my favorite chains <3
the champagne colered stones mixed with the colers.. and the blinging gold
would make u think it was born in tacky-land..but no such thing
its adorable.. and it really does brighten up any outfit.. love love


Niita said...

Hey, there's nothin' wrong with Tacky land, I own a walk-in trailer closet there you know!? XD
Love the necklace!

itstomchambersmayne! said...

mc meep and her big chain!

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