Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lets Talk Lipstick: Coral N Pink

Some time ago L'oreal came out with 3 new colors of their "intense color riche" line.
They do this thing where they come out with colors for each hair-color type..
Its a nice concept and all.. but uhm ill decide myself what color ill wear and what will look good on me lol.
They came out with a coral, a pink and a red one.. i didnt get the red one as i didnt find it really special and because they were quite pricey (17,95 euros).
So i just ended up buying these 2.

the first color is: Magnetic Coral "373" and is for "blondes"
the second coler is : Intense Fuchsia "288" and is for "brunettes"

This picture i considered a fail at first because the flash was really bad, but i decided to use it anyways cuz you can really see the gold tone in the coral one, in the other pictures i feel it looks bright orange but trust me that is not the case.

i really love these lipsticks.
The fuchsia is such a nice deep pink very rich colered and since the last pink one i bought was >THIS ONE< i was on the lookout for a slightly darker pink one.. succes!
The coral one was actually something i had been looking for, for quite awhile but i kept running in to bright orange ones that do not deserve the name coral! so i was happy i got my hands on this one.
They last a really long time aswell, i can put it on in the morning and late afternoon its still there without drying my lips out.


Makeup Majesty said...

What beautiful colors! I’m a new follower, check out my blog Makeup Majesty if you’re interested!

Niita said...

I'm a big fan of coral lips! The glosses I usually wear or all kinda coral tinted..but that pink one..woohaa!XD The color really pops! <3 Love to try this one out!

Mierrann said...

glad u girls like them :D
and @makeup majesty, ill follow back :)

Sharon said...

Very intense and pigmented lippies! the two colours are stunning

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