Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Purchases

YAAY my first fall/winter item i bought for this year
well ok thats not totally true.. i bought some new Uggs last week
BUT they still havent arrived :( when i look at my track&trace i can see they have been in costums in Holland since september 7th -_- uuuhm keeping my boots hostage like that is RUDE!
I really needed some new ones, i previously owned the short classic sand ones
and those are the ones i re-bought, i was considering another coler this time, but i just really like the "sand" ones the best :)
but ok moving on from my Uggs.. i bought this hat.. i really didnt wanna spend any money
as i walked in to the lil jewelry.. but we all know how that goes, u wanna spend and u cant find anything worthy to spend it on, and whenever u plan to not buy at all, u come across the cutest things
its very girly with the big snowflake/icestar on it, but it was so pretty, and eventhough i have enough of these lil hats i ofcourse needed this one
it was only 4,99 though so it didnt make me feel too guilty lol
what have u ladies been buying for the colder months ahead?


Sophie said...

I love this so much :D the little snowflakes/stars are the cutest thing ever..plus it just suits you..wish i could wear without it making me look bald *giggles*

Pink Glam said...

I love the hat! so cute. Im now following :)

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