Saturday, August 20, 2011

OMFG Its A Bird!

Well hello there..
I'm back from vacation, i went to Spain for about 2 weeks, hence why i didnt post.
I bought this ring while i was over there and just had to share.
Ive posted before about my big flower cocktail-ring (Click Here To See That) and ever since then ive been wanting a new one but i just couldnt find one i liked.. untill i saw this dove.. it sparkles like crazy as its filled with stones.. i had it on today for the first time and already got comments onnit.. made me feel special *giggles*


Sophie said...

:o ooh that's a pretty ring! I love rings but my fingers are really small so it's always hard to find something in my size :( lol such a cute ring though I like :D good buy miss good buy

Mierrann said...

this one is resizeable so it couldve fit ya :o damnit shouldve bought 2 *meanmuggs* glad u like it though :D

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