Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whipped Body Scrub

i got an email this morning from this company because i ordered from them before, for myself but also for Bday pressies
for my girls Anita and Sophie(go check them out btw they have awesome blogs)
as they have really cute cupcake and pie soaps which make awesome gifts if i say so myself.
So since i bought there before and they ask ur email when u do i sumtimes get emails when they have new things or sales or sumthin.
This was a email about their new Scrubs.. at first i was kinda like.. oh a scrub.. but then i saw all these scents :o.. coconut banana.. coconot vanille.. pink sugar etc. omg really they all sound like to die for.
I have not yet tried any.. obviously as i just saw them this morning .. DUH!
But this will def be on my list of "must-haves"
They all have seasalt, almond-oil and sheabutter in them for the perfect combo of scrub-n-smooth skin..
I'll type out what the site has to say about these jars for you guys..

Pink Sugar:
Cotton candy, caramel, toffee, hint of vanilla, figs, strawberry-jelly, hint of violet and sexy musk.
..Anyone else fainted while reading this? O_o

Coconut Banana: The perfect tropical combo! Think of Caribbean dream-vacation, White Beaches And Sweet Coconut Cocktails.

Vanilla Coconut: This one is not made with just any kind of vanilla.. its made with vanilla from Madagascar! Known to be the best Vanilla in the world for its warm scent.. And just like the banana one this one has Coconut in it aswell for that summer/beach feel to it.

Baby Mints: This one smells like baby-powder with added mint.. its known to give u a refreshed feeling and has a calming effect.

Pink Fluffy Candy: This one is made for the Candy-Junkies, This is the sweetest thing ever!
Cotton candy and pink frosting, with a hint of bubble gum and red fruit.

Passionfruit: The website does not have allot of details about this one.. just that it is made with passionfruit and has allot of vitamins in it.

Mango Papaya: Again same thing for this jar.. no huge explanation its made with mango and papaya and has allot of vitamins in it.

When i get mine ill do a review on it for you guys :)

Which one would you like to own?


Sophie said...

i want all of them lulz..but mango is always my fave :D although I kinda wanna try the banana one too..and..well we already had this conversation lol I want all of them!

Mierrann said...

XD see if we lived together id buy 3 u buy 3.. we could share.. we save money and have them all :o *dreams*

Sweetaholic Rachel said...

WOW, these sound amazing!! xx

Anonymous said...

oooh these sound lovely! I like the sound of Pink Fluffy Candy :)

Alice x

Shannon Skylar said...

Omg, those sound sooooo good. The color of the scrubs makes me really happy too :) May I just add that it's uber adorbs that you call your comments "reacties." love!

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