Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feathers And Gooold

Saw this baby at H&M.. it was 9,95
I'm actually not a huge necklace person.. i mean that literally..
Cause i have a few cute small ones that mean allot to me so i love wearing those.. and i have some long necklaces/chains..
but those big chunky closer to the neckline kind of necklaces are just not my thing usually.. i think its because i wear big earrings onna daily basis.. and i dont like to wear a big necklace with that cuz i feel on me its just too much..
plus it takes away from the earrings XD
but this one i loved.. i wont mind not wearring earings.. or maybe small ones for the night while i wear this..
its a brown braided leather band with 3 golden chains attached to it..
the top row is filled with the feathers..and then the other two underneath it have golden leafs
hope you ladies like it aswell :)


Anonymous said...

I'm the same as you, I usually wear cute little necklaces and chains, but never big ones due to always wearing big earrings, but this necklace is gorgeous. i love it!

Alice x


Mierrann said...

ahh good to see sumone understands me XD im glad u like it babe x

www.Victoria-Gabrielle.com said...

Ohh I LOVE this its so pretty xx

Sophie said...

love that on you..i like that it has different patterns on the leaves..yup it's pretty xD

Mizz Entice said...

Now THAT is an awesome piece of jewlery! Lovely!!!
I'm hosting a conteest on my blog! Please do stop by and enter if you like! :)


Grace said...

I looove that necklace!!!

Mierrann said...

thank you ladies for the sweet comments.. glad you all like it :)

Czarina said...

I love that neckalce on you.
Maybe because it goes with your hair.<3


Mierrann said...

awww why thank you :)

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