Friday, June 24, 2011

OMG i iz back.. :O ..New Things to share

Well hello there peeps.. its been some time since i posted
ive just been very busy i moved house in the end of April.
The moving itself takes up so much time and energy.. the whole.. packing ..moving..unpacking..painting etc.
And after all that i went on a 3 week vacation to America
Im back though and im gonna step it up.. i have lots of energy
and i got so many things for new posts.. there will be posts on makeup, hair, clothes, and some awesome new shoes that i bought all coming your way.. so stay tuned.

Today i wanted to start out with 2 things that i bought
just small cute things that i just had to share.

im so in love with this headband it has lil blue and pink flowers allover it.
In the picture im rocking it with a ponytail but ive been wearing it with my hair down allot i have to say. i sumtimes see headbands like this but then the bow is way off.. either its right on top of your head just sitting there looking weird.. or the bow is too small etc. this one is just right for me.

and this gold chain.. i feel like an 80's rapper with this on.. wich is always a good thing B-|
It goes with my jumpsuit very well and i fell in love with it immediatly.
Its not that nasty yellow-gold that sumtimes looks very odd and doesnt match well with other gold accessoires.
This almost has a silver looking shimmer over it.. it sparkles very nicely
i hope you guys can see that on the picture


Pearl Westwood said...

What a cute hairband, I love bows! Cute blog too, am following, hope you will too, Pearl x

Sophie said...

i've been looking for a chain like that too but a silver one, i can't wear gold i'm too pale lulz..i love the headband and the chain..good buys miss good buys xD

Niita said...

That bow looks so cute on you!^^ <3 it!

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