Monday, March 7, 2011

Fav Of The Week

I am not a huge fan of coconut itself..
but weirdly enough anything with a coconut taste or smell
like coconut-cookies or bodylotion i love.. yah.. go figure..
its the same as i dont drink coffee but love coffe-flavoured candy, icecream etc -_-
.. im weird like that

I love how fresh coconut lotions smell on my body.. always makes me think of vacation
I saw this bottle in the store and after i smelled it i was sold..
To be honest i bought it for the smell alone.. i didnt even care if it improved my skin.. aslong as i could smell like this i dont even care what it does... yes it smells that YUMMAAY

but then when i came home and tried it out.. i found out its actually one of the best bodylotions ive ever used in my whole life.. WIN!

this is what it says on the bottle:

Toning Body Lotion
Coconut & Guava

- Improves skin's elasticity
- Firms and smoothes skin

Made with natural, botonical ingredients, new Freeman Feeling Beautiful is a full range of skin and body care products to help you look and feel your best.

This toning body lotion, enhanced with moisturizing coconut and guava, helps improve skin's texture and appearance, leaving it smooth and soft.

I can definitely say its the best moisturizer that ive ever used
I noticed it after my first time putting it on already, and let me tell you i can have really dry skin.
and i got it for only 4,99 Euros thats a really good deal as the bottle is HUGE..
400ML to be exact
its def my fav of this week.. go check it out !!


Vintage Makeup said...

I want to try some Freeman products! :)

Mierrann said...

u def should.. You should check out .. they got amazing pineapple and strawberry/chocolate facial masks aswell <3

** said...

that looks amazing, I am so addicted to coconut lol x

Fash Boulevard said...

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Thanks love. xoxo.

Sophie said...

i'm the same with coffee too..i love coffee flavoured things but don't like the actual drink *giggles*

never really been a fan of coconut..and i don't remember ever seeing this brand here before :-k maybe i need to be on the look out for it so i can smell it cus you make it sound good xD

Niita said...

This is my fav.too! XD It smells delicious and really leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized! You should also try their raspberry facial scrub...yummeh!^^

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