Sunday, October 10, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

i kinda have 2 shoe-sides to me..
i looove high heels and have a pretty big collection of those
but i also have a big sneaker collection.. not the actual dull running shoes..
im talkin bout badass kickz
eventhough my sneakers are much more "manly" i guess then my pumps..
ive never really got myself a pair of boots like this..
but when i saw these i instantly liked them
u can either rock these with leggings..or jeans..
or some girls even like to pair them up with skirts.. itll go perfect with allot of things
i love the studs on this.. too bad they are 975 Euro's though
if they were cheaper i wouldve added them to my shoe-collection.. love love


Sophie said...

omg i'm in love :o <3
i'm definitely a boots girl B-)
shame they cost so much though :(

Mierrann said...

i know right i was like godamn is there gold in there that i dont knw about..ridiculous price

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