Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shake Ya Rump ! .. (iNNa Romper)

in the wise words of Wreckx-N-Effect that is..

i remember when i was little,
my sister had this bright Neon-Green jumpsuit
when she outgrew it.. u can see this coming...
i grabbed my chance and started wearing the fashionable hand-me-down..
Ofcourse in the 90's everything neon was cool..
but that jumpsuit was just tha shit
who knew a good 15 years later they'd be back again
its too bad ive outgrown the jumpsuit aswell
this is for you, u lil green jumper, u will always be in my heart.. R.I.P

1 comment:

Niita said...

OMG! I remember that lovely 80's piece! It was just fab.!^^ I love the new versions of the jumpsuit or as the shorter ones are called nowadays, I believe, "playsuits"^^ I especially like the venice& the marine look ones you posted here!

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